The use of the online services has enabled our experts to answer customers in the shortest possible time remotely. Our consultants are always with you...
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Solutions & Products
Rayan Ham-Afza Company with the use of its dedicated data center, enjoys a proper infrastructure and reliable hardware and software systems; with an up to date security system in hand...
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About Us
As a company comprised of some credited companies in the field of IT, and with the support and finance from active investors in the market, Rayan Ham-Afza was stablished in...​​​​​​​
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Online Trading


Online trades as a grand evolution in stock exchange brokerage area and Iran’s capital market, has had a great effect on transparency and ease of access to the market and stock market, thus it develops the market and facilitates the movement of small and potential capitals to it.

Rayan Ham-Afza Company from its early stages, with an eye on the future and the needs of the capital market in Iran, selected a proper technology toward development of software and created the first dedicated data center for the capital market; and now it is proud to announce its online infrastructure which with the brokers would be free of any concerns regarding the hardware and software upgrades, maintenance, security and broadband data stream, …

This way, Rayan Ham-Afza has emerged as the pioneer of online trade promoter among stock exchange brokers.


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