Online Trading


Online trades as a grand evolution in stock exchange brokerage area and Iran’s capital market, has had a great effect on transparency and ease of access to the market and stock market, thus it develops the market and facilitates the movement of small and potential capitals to it.
Rayan Ham-Afza Company from its early stages, with an eye on the future and the needs of the capital market in Iran, selected a proper technology toward development of software and created the first dedicated data center for the capital market; and now it is proud to announce its online infrastructure which with the brokers would be free of any concerns regarding the hardware and software upgrades, maintenance, security and broadband data stream, …
This way, Rayan Ham-Afza has emerged as the pioneer of online trade promoter among stock exchange brokers.

Stock Exchange Brokerage

Our customers always need solutions to achieve their goals of planning, monitoring the processes related to bids and asks, trades, managerial reports, and interaction with customers, without any time and place restrictions. The comprehensive solution of stock market brokerage developed by Rayan Ham-Afza, covers the pre-trading, trading and post-trading processes, with no geographical limit for all branches based on a comprehensive and flexible network for all sorts of trading, empowers you to offer your services better and distinctively.

The Mutual Funds

The comprehensive system of Mutual Fund management developed by Rayan Ham-Afza, facilitates the management of underwritings of capitals and bids, and the management of administration operations related to the investment fund; thus leads to the realization of the added value and satisfaction of investors, fund managers, auditors, guarantors, trustees and the regulatory institutions through a comprehensive system which offers solutions for reporting, data analysis, and investment monitoring.

Exchange Tradable Funds

With the increase of investment funds among all walk of people in the society, and regarding the needs of those active in the capital market, the need for development and usage of the new funds in stressed more than ever. The Exchange Tradable fund being one of them.

The solution offered by Rayan Ham-Afza is based on the nature of these exchange tradable funds in which the trades are done momentarily; the asset assessment, conventions, NAV, issuance or cancellation of market making units could be mentioned as its examples.

Construction Funds

The Land and Property Funds is developed with the aim of gathering and directing the invested capitals towards property development and at the end selling them.

Market Making Management

The Market Making Management System developed by Rayan Ham-Afza is based on the latest instructions from the stock exchange market administration and is capable of satisfying all needs of a market making body from a dedicated portfolio and also, information provision through market maker’s website.

Call Center

Observation of justice and priority in dedication of selling and buying time turning has always been a major concern for stock market exchange administration to the extent that there has been several circulars and instructions to regulate the aforementioned process. Therefore, and regarding the brokers area of activity and the customer’s preference of online orders, the concern is still a matter of importance.

During the end of last year, 2015, Rayan Ham-Afza Company using the comments of its customers, and under the instruction of the stock exchange market administrators, embarked on developing a Call Center as a comprehensive solution which is tested and used by many stock markets throughout the world.

Mobile Application

Rayan Hamrah is a tool for all online trades by means of smart phones or tablets.

This application links you to the broker and see the information of the market at any time and trade your stocks.

Also, with Rayan Hamrah all messages related to the stock exchange market delivers to you with no delay.

Some of its features are as the following:

• Receiving and displaying all momentary information

• Ability to trade through more than 50 stock market brokerages

• Simple and user friendly interface

• New message notifications from market supervisor

• Automatic money transfer from bank accounts

• Viewing the main three price levels

• Online notification of messages from market supervisor

• Viewing the portfolio

• Online bids and asks

• Defining a market watch and sending orders via market watch form

Technical Analysis

The Technical Analysis system of Rayan Ham-Afza aimed at development of software services and completing the encouraging tools to increase efficiency and add attractiveness of online trades, is capable of being installed on Windows work stations and also, it offers tools and information necessary for technical data analysis and online trading.