Dedicated Data Center


The increasing volume of valuable data of companies stresses the need for access and analysis of them in order to have a better and more accurate and timely decision making. The comprehensive concentrated systems, are the only reliable answer to this end. It is utterly evident that these systems with a huge amount of data, simultaneous processes, different sub-systems, and complicated logics behind them, necessitate a reliable technical architecture and up to date hardware.

Dedicated Data Center is a system for controlled management of a set of super-computers, networks and other equipment all of which consumes a broad data band and need high security and 24/7 monitoring and support. Setting up such a complicated system in different financial situations and with different human resources and time limits, is a costly project. Apart from the primary set-up costs, the system must be regularly upgraded with the state of the art technologies so that the operating company can ensure of maintenance of its competitiveness with a proper service provision.

After Sales Services

The use of the online services has enabled our experts to answer customers in the shortest possible time remotely. Our consultants are always with you so that you can make sure that you have all tools needed for a risk-free performance and efficient investment through our IT based solutions. Rayan Ham-Afza relying on its professional knowledge and valuable experience gathered through a vast support to its customers in the field of capital market, tries to fulfill this goal. The company develops after sales service processes according the standards of ITIL service management and, with its coherent institutional structure moves forward on its path.

The main activities of the company are as the following:

• Management of establishment and operating out the solutions

• Holding educational courses and workshops

• Operational support, answering to the questions and problems

• Product management

• Quality assessment and product admission

• Monitoring the institutional activity and assessment of customer satisfaction